EiffelStudio 19.08, the intermediate beta release, is now available

by Alexander Kogtenkov (modified: 2019 Sep 03)

Dear Eiffel users,

As part of our monthly beta version program, we are pleased to make EiffelStudio 19.08 available. This is an intermediate beta release towards the next official 6-month release, which will be EiffelStudio 19.11 in November.

Only stable 6-month releases are officially supported by Eiffel Software. But if you want to stay at the leading edge, you can get 19.08 and other beta releases right now. Binaries are provided for Windows and Linux, or, you can compile the corresponding porter package for your platform of choice.

Among other changes since the previous release:

  • Feature {READABLE_STRING_GENERAL}.as_string_8 is marked as obsolete to avoid hidden conversion from 32-bit strings to 8-bit ones and from immutable 8-bit strings to mutable ones. The feature is a conversion one, therefore, it could be called in your code implicitly. It's recommended to update your code to avoid such conversion even if you do not update to the beta release at the moment.
  • Feature put_string of class IO_MEDIUM and descendants accepts READABLE_STRING_8 instead of STRING_8 to avoid unnecessary conversion.

We will be grateful for any bug or regression report, as well as for other comments.

Happy Eiffeling,

-- The Eiffel Software Team