Eiffel Tools

by javier (modified: 2020 Sep 18)

Eiffel tools are projects that can be used in your development process to help in creating, debugging, maintaining, or otherwise supporting your Eiffel applications. Along with the Eiffel libraries, they provide all you need to achieve your goals.

Here is the list of current Eiffel Tools that you can use. They are based on contributions from the Eiffel community. Read the section on how to create an Eiffel tool if you are interested in creating your own for the benefit of the community.

Tool Short Description
Button Clicker Automatic clicking of a specified button at intervals.
eiffel (script) Automatically compiles and runs a given Eiffel application in a single step, similar to how interpreted and scripting languages are used.
Compile_all Recursively compile all targets in a directory.
Eiffel Syntax Updater Migrate Eiffel classes to the new ECMA syntax.
EiffelStudio IDE The complete Eiffel development platform for Linux/Unix/Windows/Mac OS X.
Espawn Launching multiple processes synchronously or asynchronously using the same environment configured in tools such as finish_freezing or ec.
Eweasel Regression testing tool.
Gestalt Basic-level XSLT 2.0 processor.
Gobo Eiffel Ant Build tool specifically tailored for the Eiffel programming language.
Gobo Eiffel Lex Generating Eiffel programs that perform pattern-matching on text.
Gobo Eiffel Lint Lint-like tool for Eiffel.
Gobo Eiffel Preprocessor Simple filter program.
Gobo Eiffel XSLT Processor Command-line processor for the XSLT 2.0 language.
Gobo Eiffel Yacc General-purpose parser generator that converts a grammar description for an LALR(1) context-free grammar into an Eiffel class equipped with routines to parse that grammar.
Swete Web application regression testing.
Valgrind Converter Convert the translated C names in valgrind/callgrind files back to the original Eiffel names.