Eiffel Libraries

by javier (modified: 2024 Mar 20)

Below you will find the extensive list of reusable Eiffel components. Make sure to also check the IRON repository, where you will find ready to use libraries from EiffelStudio.

If you do not find the functionalities that you are looking for in these libraries, we highly encourage you to create your own Eiffel library. Just follow the instructions on the Contribute Section for Libraries of the website.

Also see a few projects

Library Short Description
ALGAE Algebra and Eiffel.
cURL libcURL wrapper library for Eiffel on all major platforms.
ECLI Relational databases access in Eiffel (x/open Call Level Interface, aka ODBC).
Eiffel API Wrapper Library used to wrap external libraries.
Eiffel Arbitrary Precision Number A pure-Eiffel arbitrary precision integer library based on GMP.
Eiffel Encoding Encoding library.
Eiffel Game Library for game development.
Eiffel i18n Internationalization and localization Library
Eiffel SQLite Eiffel wrapper for the SQLite library.
Eiffel Twitter Eiffel Twitter library.
Eiffel XMPP Simple Eiffel library to build XMPP components (XMPP, Jabber, GoogleTalk, ...).
Eiffel2Java Calling Java from Eiffel.
EiffelBase Base library of EiffelStudio.
EiffelCOM COM encapsulation.
EiffelGraph Graph manipulation library.
EiffelMedia A multimedia library which handles 2D and 3D graphics, sound, networking and more.
EiffelNet Networking library.
EiffelProcess Process launcher with I/O redirection.
EiffelStore Interface to relational databases.
EiffelThread Multithreading facilities for Eiffel.
EiffelTime Time manipulation.
EiffelVision2 A platform independent GUI library.
EiffelWeb CGI scripting in Eiffel.
eJSON Eiffel JSON library.
EPDF Simple PDF document generation in Eiffel.
EPOM Eiffel Persistent Object Management (EPOM) - a pragmatic and simple framework.
ePOSIX The complete Eiffel to POSIX binding.
Gobo Libraries for Data Structure, Parsing, XML ...
HTML5 Microdata parser Extracting microdata from HTML5 content.
Smarty Template Engine Template engine inspired by http://www.smarty.net/
Thread Extension Classes that extend EiffelThread.
UUID UUID generator.
WEL The Windows Eiffel Library (WEL) is an Win32 API library.
Wikitext Parsing Wikitext content, including a basic tool to generate HTML from Wikitext files.