Gobo Eiffel 19.03 released

by Eric Bezault (modified: 2019 Mar 21)

This release is the first one with the new version number format. This format is similar to the one adopted by other programs with the major and minor numbers corresponding to the year and month, followed by an identification of the code used to build the release (here the day on which the code has been committed to Git, followed by the rank of this commit on that day).

All Gobo ECF files are now SCOOP capable. It does not mean that the code in Gobo takes advantage of the SCOOP model, but rather that its classes can be used in a SCOOP application.

As announced before, this release does not include Xace files anymore, and gexace has been removed.

A new tool has been added: gecop. It's a tool to validate the conformance of Eiffel tools (typically compilers) to the ECMA Eiffel standard. It also tests the interoperability with the ISE Eiffel compiler. It comes with a validation suite, although not complete yet.

This release of Gobo Eiffel should work fine with EiffelStudio 18.11. You can download the Gobo package from SourceForge:


If you prefer to get the code directly from the Git repository, it is available from GitHub:


As always, you can browse the Gobo Eiffel documentation on-line at:


Happy Eiffeling.