Gobo Eiffel 4.3 released

by Eric Bezault (modified: 2018 Nov 28)

In this release, all tools and examples, and nearly all tests, have been converted to void-safe mode.

The usage of Xace files has been replaced by ECF files throughout the entire Gobo package. There was no need to keep both Xace and ECF notations in parallel anymore since all supported Eiffel compliers accept ECF files. Note that the support for gexace and Xace files will be terminated in the next release of Gobo.

This release of Gobo Eiffel should work fine with EiffelStudio 18.07. You can download the Gobo package from SourceForge:


If you prefer to get the code directly from the Git repository, it is available from GitHub:


As always, you can browse the Gobo Eiffel documentation on-line at:


Happy Eiffeling.