Problems with NaNs

by Colin Adams (modified: 2007 May 08)

I've started an article on this subject at Not a Number. Please contribute. We need a solution to this problem.

  • Manu (17 years ago 9/5/2007)

    The discussion has already started

    Have a look at what we analyzed at:

    • Colin Adams (17 years ago 9/5/2007)

      I couldn't see equality

      ThereÅ› some useful stuff in there, but I didn't see anything on the equality issue, which is the killer for assertion monitoring. Colin Adams

      • Martin Seiler (17 years ago 11/5/2007)

        O_o -- mTn-_-|

        • Colin Adams (17 years ago 13/5/2007)

          I meant proposed solutions

          Yes, Peter has mentioned the issue too.

          But my remark was about the page presenting the proposed new interface for REAL_64. It has some nice features, but lacks an analysis of how to deal with the NaN equality problem. Until this is decided upon, writing the contracts is premature, as you can not see the impact.

          Colin Adams