Register of Eiffel Users

by Howard Thomson (modified: 2008 Jul 03)

As an Eiffel developer, albeit currently keeping my powder rather dry (!), I and possibly others might like to have a better idea than we have at present about how big the Eiffel community really is and, perhaps more importantly, whether it is growing, and if not why not.

A Register of users, potential users, and developers might, just might, be a useful resource.

As a community, we need (I think) a better feedback mechanism from potential users, people who have looked at Eiffel and who have chosen not to pursue it, to record what they perceive as the road-blocks to using Eiffel as part of their development armory.

Does anyone agree ?

  • Francesco Ferreri (15 years ago 4/7/2008)

    I strongly agree with you: a relatively simple way to achieve your goal, at least in part, could be to take advantage of existing social networking sites such as LinkedIn, creating an Eiffel group on LinkedIn could be a first step along the way.


    • Javier Velilla (15 years ago 4/7/2008)

      I agree with you and I vote for create a LinkedIn group.

  • Manu (15 years ago 4/7/2008)

    The Eiffel mailing list on Yahoo! groups has always had an increasing number of members since it was first created many years ago. So definitely the Eiffel community is growing. Usually once you get hooked on Eiffel, you get hooked forever :-)

    Having the LinkedIn, or Facebook social networking for Eiffel is a nice way to show the world that the Eiffel community is thriving.

    • Francesco Ferreri (15 years ago 6/7/2008)

      LinkedIn Group

      If you like the idea, I can create an "Eiffel Users" group on LinkedIn and give you rights for administration. All I need is a captivating description for the group, and a website to link back (maybe this ?) suggestions are welcome ! Let me know ...

      • Manu (15 years ago 6/7/2008)

        I can suggest either or as a site to point back to. For the description, we can try something like partially extracted from Wikipedia:


      • Francesco Ferreri (15 years ago 8/7/2008)

        LinkedIn Group created

        Have a look at:

        and let me know what you think. Group description is limited to 300 characters, so I had to keep it essential.