New Library

by Larry Rix (modified: 2014 Nov 18)

There is a new library in town!

User GUI Text Control Masking (e.g. Masking Library)

You can find it at:

We want you to pay special attention to one primary feature of this library: It's documentation! It was our chief desire to provide you all with a library that is useful, reusable, and quickly LEARNABLE! Towards this goal—I will NOT belabor you with a description of the library, but let it speak for itself.

Please—DO let us know your feedback about either the library or its documentation. We are happy to answer questions, make changes to the code or library as we can and as makes sense. The library is OPEN SOURCE and FREE for you to use in your own projects. You can contribute as you like and want. Just send me a pull request.

Finally—the library is stable within our project code and we have found no need for changes to it based on our beta users and their feedback so far. However, that is not to say the library is a finished work, but is a work-in-progress. We will be making changes as the need arises in our own code and then transferring that work to the Open Source version whenever we can. There are some serious refactor points that are pointed out in the documentation. You will find those rather quickly and easily.

Again—we are happy to provide this library to you and hope you enjoy it, learn from it, and find opportunity for reusing it. Your feedback (good, bad, or whatever) is highly prized and welcome. Please feel free to communicate!

Larry Rix Jinny Corp. Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  • Bernd Schoeller (9 years ago 20/11/2014)

    Great little support library, and great documentation - it even has videos!!