Eiffel and iPhone/iPod Touch

by Manu (modified: 2009 May 22)

I was lucky to get my hands on an iPod Touch. The first thing I did was to install SSH, gcc, subversion, vim, gdb et voila! Checked out the source of the Eiffel Software runtime. Tonight, I'll compile the runtime and run our regression test suite on it to make sure everything works properly.

When this is done, I'll look at how to use Eiffel for iPhone/iPod Touch development. Anyone interested in wrapping the iPhone API, please let me know.

Update 2009-05-15: Last night I was able to compile the runtime and run my first "Hello World!" application. I'll post a screenshot soon.

Update 2009-05-17: Here is the screenshot:

Update 2009-05-22: I've ran the regression test suite, it took a long time (at least 30h+), the iPod crashed 6 times, automatically rebooted 5 times and froze once. The results are good although not all tests were executed because of the crashes which caused some tests to be skipped (10% of the tests) because I was not always next to the iPod to verify that everything was progressing well. I'll now start building my first UI application.

  • Zoran Simic (15 years ago 16/5/2009)

    I can help maybe :) Let me know how to compile what you have.

  • Tao Feng (15 years ago 17/5/2009)

    Cool, have you managed to compile a ec? Or just compiled the generated C code of "Hello World!"?

    • Manu (15 years ago 18/5/2009)

      For the moment, I just compiled the F_code of a simple program. I'm trying to get the regression test suite to run on it but it cannot precompile EiffelBase due to a bug in the Apple tools (the same people have been reported on Mac OS X for both x86 and ppc). Once I have this solved I'll move on wrapping the iPhone API.

  • Daniel Furrer (15 years ago 19/5/2009)

    Nice work

    I was just thinking of trying that out, too.

    For the iPhone API: The iPhone is programmed in Objective-C and many UI-classes resemble what is found in the AppplikationKit (Cocoa) of the regular Mac OS X API.

    • Manu (15 years ago 20/5/2009)

      I was definitely thinking of using the work you have done for vision2 in that effort.