Eiffel and iPhone/iPod Touch (2)

by Manu (modified: 2009 Jun 02)

Here it is: my first graphical iPhone/iPod Touch application entirely written in Eiffel using EiffelStudio:

Nothing really fancy but it shows that it is doable. At the moment, you can test your Eiffel applications using either the iPhone Simulator or the actual device. I'll put within the next few weeks when the iPhone graphical library is more complete the steps one should perform to achieve what I've achieved.

  • Grant Rettke (14 years ago 3/6/2009)


    Look forward to the release.

  • Daniel Furrer (14 years ago 5/6/2009)

    I'm looking forward to test this myself.

    In the long run it will of course be nice if GUI components can be loaded from the files generated by Interface Builder (don't think this should be too hard).

    • Manu (14 years ago 5/6/2009)

      It should be doable since they seem to have an API for that.

      However I cannot resist to say that I don't like XIB/NIB files. At least the way Apple use them because there is too much magic in them. They should have separated the presentation from the event handling. I'm a big fan of the way EiffelBuild handles that, it generates a class and its implementation to represent the UI. The implementation is currently generated code but it could actually load the UI from an XML file. The class has all the event handling and EiffelBuild won't touch it once it is generated.

      Because of those XIB/NIB files, it took me about 8h spread over 3 evenings to find a way to build an Hello World application without using them. The funny thing is that without using the XIB/NIB file you actually understand how things work and you can compile a sample project with a simple Makefile.