EiffelStudio 6.0 coming soon

by Manu (modified: 2007 May 09)

Last week-end, we did our last intermediate release of the development cycle for EiffelStudio 6.0. The next month will be devoted to testing with a planned release mid-June. While waiting for the release, I'm taking the opportunity to highlight some of the neat features of EiffelStudio 6.0.


  • Tabbed editor
  • Docking facility to organize the layout of EiffelStudio
  • Contextual menus
  • Internationalization with Chinese, French, German, and Russian currently supported

Browsing tools

  • New dependency tool to see dependencies of software elements
  • Create your own formatters


  • Added new kind of breakpoints: to print messages, hit count for condtitions.
  • Let's you now evaluate commands in addition of queries.
  • New ways of looking at objects.


  • Added new ECMA features: multiple constraints, reattachment of generic derivations with expanded actual parameters to entities with reference parameters.
  • Removed the need of a configuration file to compile small systems, you can simply do ec root_class.e to compile a class.

If you want to know more about the 6.0 release, you will find more details on our wiki EiffelStudio 6.0 Features and on our documentation site when it is released.

Happy Eiffeling.

  • Patrick Ruckstuhl (17 years ago 19/5/2007)

    I really enjoy working with 6.0 and I think it will be a great release. Especially the docking and context menus make life a lot easier and more comfortable.

    • Peter Gummer (17 years ago 25/5/2007)

      And the keyboard shortcuts!

      I can now do almost everything via the keyboard. Yippee!!