EiffelStudio 6.2 is out

by Manu (modified: 2008 May 30)

EiffelStudio 6.2 has just been released. For those who haven't followed the intermediate releases, here is an idea of what is included:

  • Added new contract editor tool to ease edition of contracts on routines and classes.
  • Added Eiffel Information System which let you connect external documentation to your Eiffel code and vice versa.
  • Added ability to avoid comment duplication by using the <Precursor> in your descendant comment to reuse the parent one which is shown in all our formatter tools..
  • Added new light batch compiler ecb'. It provides the same features as ec' when using the batch mode. Currently projects compiled with ec' are not compatible with those compiled with ecb'. The main difference between the two is that `ec' is compiled with exception trace and multithreading support which could slow down the compiler by a factor of 20 to 40% depending on your platform. Note that projects compiled with ecb are not compatible with those compiled with ec.
  • Added experimental unit testing tool.
  • Exceptions are objets are now implemented.
  • Added support for new ~ operator which can compare 2 objects safely regardless of their type.
  • Added detection of harmful catcall at runtime (harmless one are currently ignored).
  • Added support for note' keyword with a migration path in case note' is being used as an identifier in your code.
  • Added `-gc_stats' option to get some information on how much CPU time is spent in GC during an Eiffel compilation.
  • Introduced several new much more powerful CAPs that now can be applied not only to read-only entities, but also to local variables (including Result), and can take into account execution paths as well as some obvious void-safe patterns.

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