EiffelStudio 6.4: Library update

by Manu (modified: 2010 Jan 28)

For our work on migrating all the Eiffel Software source code to void-safe mode in 6.4, I've updated our Eiffel Syntax Updater tool to update our source code automatically. The tool will be included in the next intermediate release of 6.4 so that you can also update your code to the new ECMA syntax.

We will also include compile_all, a tool that compile all the Eiffel Configuration files it finds in a directory and reports whether or not they compile successfully. We use this tool to verify that all our code compiles on a regular basis.

The next release will accept attribute and note out of the box. In 6.3 you had to manually choose the transitional syntax in order to use them.

I wish you a very good 2009 year.

Happy Eiffeling!