EiffelStudio and Windows 7

by Manu (modified: 2010 Jan 28)

Like many, this weekend I've downloaded the beta version of Windows 7. And of course, the first thing I did was to install EiffelStudio. I chose the development version but I believe it should work equally well with 6.3.

I was happy that it installed without any problem using the MinGW C compiler. I compiled a few projects and everything seemed to work just fine.

This made me very happy, but to top it off, Windows 7 seemed to behave properly. First the install was quick and painless. Morever disabling font smoothing has the effect of disabling font smoothing (on Vista you would get a mixture of both, see Who invented font smoothing), and enabling the windows classic style looks similar to classic style on XP (far from the ugly result with Vista).

In 2010 and beyond, I'll still be using EiffelStudio and possibly using it on Windows 7.