EiffelStudio Testing

by Manu (modified: 2007 May 30)

As you may have noticed we are bringing significant changes to the software process at Eiffel Software, reflecting the new nature of the development, our commitment to addressing user needs quickly and effectively, and the growing involvement of open-source contributors.

In particular, we have switched to a two-release-a-year schedule: the June release (May starting in 2008) and the November release. This makes it possible for users to plan their developments and their upgrades. A release plan, regularly updated, appears at:

  • http://eiffelsoftware.origo.ethz.ch/index.php/Roadmap (General EiffelStudio road map)
  • http://eiffelsoftware.origo.ethz.ch/index.php/Language_road_map (Language road map)
  • http://eiffelsoftware.origo.ethz.ch/index.php/ECMA_Implementation (ECMA implementation)

The last six weeks of the release are devoted entirely to testing. You can find details of the testing process here with a description of the procedures and forms (TCS, Test Case Specification; TRR, Test Run Report) and access to the TCSs and TRRs developed so far. These are all our internal documents; we live in aglass house now and you are welcome to examine our process and its results. You are also welcome to participate; there is still time to contribute your own tests and test runs. Just follow the instructions.

6.0 feedback has been excellent; although we still have many bugs to fix, we are very excited about this major new release and eager to bring it to completion. Thank you very much for your participation in this process.