A First Code Submission

by Simon Hudon (modified: 2007 Jun 24)

I just made a first submission of code in a branch of Eagle's svn repository, on origo. It covers a basic graph inheritance hierarchy with an adjacency list implementation of directed graphs. There is no room yet for weighted edges or labeled edges. It also includes preorder and postorder search cursors. There is still many things to fix, beginning with the documentation going to the name choices. It will be corrected soon enough.

The submission has not been done under trunk because some of my test cases don't pass yet. At least under EiffelStudio 5.7 I do not have the weird segmentation violations I had. I'm currently exploring the possibility that I may be using a version of ESpec which do not work with ES 6.0. Until further notice, the development of the library is under ES 5.7 but I'm working on it so it will be available under 6.0 as soon as possible.

I created a google group at http://groups.google.com/group/eaglelibrary/ on which I plan to post my svn patches for review before submitting them to the repository. The code I submitted, however, is not posted there since it's not a working version. However, I invite everybody that is interested to post any feedbacks to the group under a subject such as "Review: first submission".

Eagle is under the Eiffel Forum License version 2 but it will not be available for proprietary software since it uses the ESpec toolkit which is under GPL. It is a plausible alternative to implement another model library under EFL but it's not in my plans in short or medium terms since I don't target proprietary software in particular and it would require more time than what is available. I have not submitted my working version of the ESpec library, yet, since I was not sure about the licensing issues. It should follow shortly.

Finally, there is no "how to"s posted on the Eagle wiki, yet, but that too should follow shortly.

I await eagerly any comment.