Fine tuning assertion checking dynamically

by Simon Hudon (modified: 2007 May 31)

Hi everybody!

Is there a way to dynamically select the assertions one want to check? It would be interesting for automatic testing to be able to enable all or some particular kind of assertions (like preconditions or postconditions) for a given class. This way, the test case about SOME_CLASS would enable every assertion checking on it and disable most or all assertion checking on the rest of the system.

Does anybody know that such a feature exists?



  • Manu (16 years ago 1/6/2007)

    More appropriate medium

    Hi Simon,

    I think those kind of questions are better answered through the mailing lists rather than in a blog. The answer is that you can specify in the project settings of EiffelStudio which assertions will be monitored during execution, but once it is setup, you cannot change those settings during execution.

    Hope this helps, Manu

  • Simon Hudon (16 years ago 1/6/2007)

    Thanks for the pointer

    Hi Manu,

    Thanks for the pointer, I'll ask such question there, from now on. For this one, though, I don't think it will be necessary: if you're positive about the fact that the assertion checking cannot be set up programmatically, all I'll do is note that it could support some interesting optimization, for example in the case of big automated test batteries.