Graph Library: Name Ideas

by Simon Hudon (modified: 2007 Jun 01)

Looking for a name, I told myself that looking for differences and originalities could help find qualifiers for the library name since GraphLibrary seems a little naked. I thought that marking especially differences from the EiffelGraph library would help distinguish them.

I don't know much about the former and I haven't found any documentation on the main Eiffel related development sites. The description provided on EiffelRoom leads me to think that it's much more a UI related library so there is no overlap between the two and they might even complement one another very well. In this line of idea, I note that a binding between the two would be interesting.

So here are the adjectives I thought of to distinguish from EiffelGraph in particular and qualify the library:

  • Algorithmic, rather than graphic or UI oriented;
  • Model driven (we could also say `formal'), which doesn't seem to be very wide spread;
  • Finally, it's made in Eiffel (obviously!).

Something like Eiffel Algorithmic and Model Driven Graph Library seems a little overkill even if we only call it EAMDGL. We could strip the library part and maybe the model driven part since it doesn't really cover the features of the library. We would be left with Eiffel Algorithmic Graph or EAG (which somewhat resembles the cry of someone tripping on a root) but it's not that bad either. We could also make some kind of mix like Eiffel AlGraph or Eiffel AlgoGraph.

I think I'll settle for Eiffel AlGraph.


  • Martin Seiler (17 years ago 3/6/2007)

    What about ...

    glib? ;-)

    A reason to use Eiffel AlgoGraph over Eiffel AlGraph is that for some fonts it's hard to distinguish it from AIGraph.

    -- mTn-_-|

    • Simon Hudon (17 years ago 4/6/2007)

      I agree, AlGraph may be misread. I'd be left with:

      • glib;
      • Eiffel AlgoGraph;
      • Eiffel Algorithmic Graph

      The latter seems more formal and maybe this is something good if the library is to become more fundamental.



  • Benoit Alain (17 years ago 4/6/2007)

    project name

    It seems important to the personality of a project to get it a good name. It raises interest, makes it half real before it has even started. I don't pretend following are good names. I just give them as suggestions to give you ideas. Probably you'll find best to take parts of one and add it to one of yours.

    • Eiffel Formal Graphs
    • Math2Eiffel
    • Eiffel Graph Theory Port
    • Eiffel Graph Intelligence
    • Graphormalgorithms ! (Graph Formal Algorithms)
    • Eiffel Applied Graphs

    Hope it helps !

  • Simon Hudon (17 years ago 5/6/2007)

    I just thought of another

    Thanks Ben for those interresting comments and suggestions.

    I just thought of another cool idea! EAGLE: Eiffel Algorithmic Graph Library Experiment. I'm not sure of the experiment part but the rest fits in nicely. And since it was part of my first post, why not?

    Send me your feedback please :-)