Graph Library: The Eagle Has Landed

by Simon Hudon (modified: 2007 Jun 07)

I finally decided: the project is called Eagle. The meaning of the letters is not final but initially I thought of Eiffel Algorithmic Graph Library Experiment since, in the context of the project, I'm experimenting model driven development in Eiffel with ESpec. But I intend it to be usable as any other library since, as the principle goes, no library is reusable until it has been reused. The experiment part of the name should then be removed. The other alternative would be Eagle is an Algorithmic Graph Library in Eiffel.

For those of you who are interested in following its development, Till gave me some space on Origo and I've begun the organisation of the site. As you'll notice the layout and colors are not fabulous, remember that web design is not my prime force. You may also come across some tasty soup details as I have not noted them all, so I can't remove it yet ;-). So here is the project's URL:

The code should be uploaded in roughly one week, just to give me the time to comment the uncommented parts and make some test cases pass.

  • Martin Seiler (17 years ago 15/6/2007)

    Cool name...

    did you already put some source online? I tried to login with my origo account into your svn reporsitory but my access was denied :-) Have you already uploaded some stuff?

    -- mTn-_-|

    • Simon Hudon (17 years ago 16/6/2007)


      I have not posted anything yet. My code is pretty much cleaned up but my test cases don't pass. I suspect it's a problem with the compiler or the runtime because it's always the same kind of error where my application exits without completing its task. It's not the first time it happens and it's always while executing the model construction routines during assertions checking. I suspect that the fact that all assertions are disabled during the verification allow errors to go unchecked.

      I sent a bug report to the people at Eiffel Software yesterday and I'm waiting for an answer.

      I'd prefer to stick to the informal rule that all the test cases on SVN (at least in the trunk) must pass to ensure a certain level of quality. Although, if you tell me you're interested in the code in its current state or that you want to test it yourself, a can make a temporary branch to allow you to get it.