by Patrick Ruckstuhl (modified: 2007 Aug 20)

I just created poll on how people like to communicate. Recently there was a discussion about which Eiffel mailing list to use. I'm wondering if people like mailing lists or would prefer something different altogether.

I personally prefer online forums to mailing lists as they have several advantages.

  • My mail account doesn't get flooded with mails from mailing lists
  • I can read and search old posts
  • Easy signup, low barrier for new users
  • If I post something, my mail address is not open on the internet for spammers

What do you think? What's your preferred way to have a discussion?

  • Manu (16 years ago 21/8/2007)

    Mailing list and/or (forums or newsgroups)

    I do not have a real preference between forums and newsgroups as long as they have some kind of rss feed for updates. However I really like to use a mailing list in addition to one of the above.

  • Grant Rettke (13 years ago 19/12/2010)

    You just described an email list :).

    Google Groups in particular satisfies everything you listed, and also works fine directly over email like a traditional email list.

    • Manu (13 years ago 21/12/2010)

      This is also why we are keeping the Yahoo groups which we have been used for almost 10 years and has quite a valuable history.