Origo alpha launched

by Patrick Ruckstuhl (modified: 2012 Jun 04)

Yesterday the first alpha version of origo has been launched. Origo is a platform for distributed development and user interaction. It is built on a middleware architecture that uses JXTA and is written in Eiffel. This middleware provides an xmlrpc api which is used by a website to access and update data.

  • Paul Bates (17 years ago 20/4/2007)

    Client tools

    I've already got my project page up!

    I forgot to ask till, and maybe you know. is the XMLRPC accessible to external clients? Just thinking about the client tools domain. Actually it would nice to have a Eiffel framework API we could use for the purpose of developing tools (We developers only want more, more, more!)

    • Patrick Ruckstuhl (17 years ago 20/4/2007)

      External access will be available soon

      There will be access to the API very soon. The API is split in an internal and external part, the internal part is very small and almost everything is also available externally. For external applications, login will be done with a per user key to prevent brute force password hacking attempts.


      Another student is already working on creating plugins for EiffelStudio, VisualStudio and Eclipse

  • Colin Adams (17 years ago 20/4/2007)

    First thoughts

    Very interesting. Are you using Goanna as part of the software? There is no tag for it. What are you using to provide HTTPS communications?

    Colin Adams

    • Patrick Ruckstuhl (17 years ago 20/4/2007)

      Goanna and webserver

      Goanna is used for the xmlrpc interface using fastcgi and apache. The website itself is based on Drupal and uses php. I also did some testing with lighttpd which also seems to work fine with goanna fastcgi and which is a lot faster and scales better http://origo.ethz.ch/index.php/Performance