A little help for Mac users

by Paul Bates (modified: 2008 Jan 16)

I've been in hiatus from using EiffelStudio on the Mac for a while because since the upgrade to Leopard, EiffelStudio exhibited some strange behavior related to expose actions. As a result elements of the UI, that are custom drawn, went missing. I was left unable to see set breakpoints and the docked tool tabs. Thankfully help has arrived in the form of any update to XQuartz, part of the X11 adoption package, fixing the issues on the latest EiffelStudio port (and any previous, working, port for that matter!)

Thanks to Peter Gummer for finding this (read more about the issue here.) I'm now on my way to reinstalling EiffelStudio. As the Leopard "upgrade" did such a bad job of retaining stability I've had to start from scratch so the past few days have been spent reinstalling and reconfiguring everything.

During this time I came across some useful bundles for Mac OS X allowing you to configure environment variables and application associations like you would on Windows. They're free and are available from RubiCode.

  • Peter Gummer (16 years ago 18/1/2008)

    The RubiCode tool for configuring environment variables appears to be useful for native GUI apps, but as far as EiffelStudio is concerned it has no advantages over just setting the variables in your .profile or .bashrc, does it? Until we get a native Mac implementation, we'll always be launching our Eiffel apps via a shell.