Eiffel.com Outages

by Paul Bates (modified: 2008 Jul 04)

For those of you in the know about the Goleta Gap Wildfire, it's responsible for the outages of eiffel.com. We have UPSs attached to all machines and servers but when the power is out for that long the batteries just can't cope and each and every server and machine politely shuts itself off.

From our office we can literally see the fire burning down the hill. Evacuation orders have been sent to residents nearer the mountains but it's getting closer. Eiffel Software HQ isn't in any danger, just our power supply. It seems to be a regular time too, just after 7pm PDT, when the plumes of smoke black (or red) out the sun. The carbon in the air shorts out the power lines up on the mountains.

  • Manu (16 years ago 6/7/2008)

    Here is a picture I took of the fire on Wednesday night:


    • Bernd Schoeller (16 years ago 7/7/2008)

      Back in the days ...