EiffelStudio Completion Tip

by Paul Bates (modified: 2007 Aug 10)

Here's a another great (if I do say so myself) tip for EiffelStudio's completion.

There are times when I know part of a feature name or part of a class name but I need the completion list to show me my best guess. Thankfully there is a wild card completion. Simply bring up the completion list, class or feature, and begin typing. Type '*' when ever you are fuzzy about the in-between name detail. You can do this from the very start too.

So to match MY_LONG_COMMAND and MY_SHORT_CMD_2 I would type "MY_", active the class completion list and type *C*M*D and both would appear. You can even do it at the start, so just typing *_C would actually also bring up both MY_LONG_COMMAND and MY_SHORT_CMD_2 even though MY_ was not written.

Please not that * is an Eiffel infix operator so trying to use as part of a completable expression will not work. * only works when the completion list if active.

The same can be done in address tool bar's (press F6 to jump to) class and feature entries, as well as a context tool's address bar.