Finally a Decent Subversion/Git Mac Client!

by Paul Bates (modified: 2009 Apr 17)

I've been searching for a decent graphical SVN client for OSX for a while. In amongst a little cleaning via a rebuild of my applications folder/preferences/system utils, for my new MacBook Pro, I came across a SVN/Git client that is outstanding. It's called Versions. As an added bonus, it makes use of FileMerge from XCode (if installed), which I think is mighty decent at resolving conflicts graphically. You can use any diff tool you like, but I've had no need for go further than FileMerge. If there is something better out there then let me/us know.

  • Zoran Simic (15 years ago 17/4/2009)

    Looks great

    There's a promising open source git client for OS X, GitX: Versions however doesn't mention git anywhere on their web page... maybe it's brand new?

    • Bernd Schoeller (15 years ago 21/4/2009)

      No Git

      AFAIK (I am using it myself) is git a pure SVN client. That is good enough for me, though.