First EiffelStudio Tip

by Paul Bates (modified: 2007 Apr 25)

One of the good things about blogs is we can let you all know about productivity tips that have been added to the EiffelStudio IDE. There's a few hidden features that you might be glad to know about.

A couple of tool bar buttons in EiffelStudio have dual functionality. You access the additional functionality by right-mouse clicking on the button, instead of left. Here's a few:

  • Right clicking the Project Settings tool bar button will open the loaded project's ECF in your configured external editor.
  • Right clicking the debugger's Start button will display the Debugging Options window.
  • Right clicking the W_code or F_code buttons on the the C Output window will open your operating system's file system manager at the respective location (this is my favorite.)

  • Till Bay (17 years ago 26/4/2007)

    Thanks for letting us know - I hadn't known about the explore feature yet! It's gonna be my favorite too.