No Bears, Still Alive

by Paul Bates (modified: 2007 Mar 26)

I'm now back in the office continuing life as normal. Yosemite National Park was unbelievable. No photo I've seen could have prepared me for the awesome (using the word as it's literal meaning) views.

By late morning on day #2 I reached the trail end of Glacier Point. The view was spectacular and nothing like I was expecting. I sat in awe just looking out, I couldn't turn myself away. It made the endurance of it worth it.

The hike was relentlessly hilly. It seemed that every corner yielded another incline. I'd like to say that the decent to Glacier Point was a relief but I had set out on this trip with a strained muscle around the side and back of my left knee, caused by running/hiking the previous weekend. I walked through it as I knew that in two and half miles I would be there. The thought of the two and half miles miles back was omnipresent in the decent, for I knew it would also mean a steep two and half miles back up.

In the trip I managed:

  • To lose one powder bucket from a trekking pole about two miles in, on the first day. This really became annoying in softer snow, especially the snow I found myself in off the trail.
  • Develop a serious blister on my heel after about four miles. All patches and even duck tape failed to keep it covered. I hiked two more full days with it grating the inside of my socks.
  • Developed two lesser blisters on my little toes after the first day.
  • On the final night at 3am spilled the contents of my hydration pack inside my sleeping bag, when attempting to unfreeze it. I was able to mop most of it up with spare clothing. The surface moisture vaporized within 20 minutes because it was so cold and dry.
  • Aggravate a knee injury.

I'd do it all again!

  • Patrick Ruckstuhl (17 years ago 2/4/2007)

    Sound's like a very cool trip, I already enjoyed and liked what I was able to see from the street while driving through the park.

    • Martin Seiler (17 years ago 3/4/2007)


      You mean you did just like an ordinary American enjoys nature? ;-) We did almost the same but did a little hike of around 5 hours up to the Yosemite Falls. And I have to say it's definitely a must to go there even if you know Switzerland.