EiffelStudio less emissive on the screen

by Tao Feng (modified: 2008 Nov 15)

I can really starting using the following appearance of EiffelStudio in my daily work, without any problems after fixing some background color issues. (post rev#75526, will be available in 6.3)

I really like this appearance because it protects my eyes as well as possible. Now my eyes are less easier to be tired than looking at almost all white background. I hope EiffelStudio will support themes one day, that way the appearance can be really configured freely.

You can get it by: For any platforms (Thank Jocelyn):

  1. Download dark_es_allplatform.zip and unzip.
  2. Open the ES preferences dialog.
  3. Click on Import (bottom) using the extracted dark_es.xml file.

For Windows (Simpler)

  1. Download dark_es_windows.zip and unzip.
  2. Import the unzipped .reg file by regedit.exe.

  • Bernd Schoeller (15 years ago 12/11/2008)

    Beautiful, but ...

    schoelle@lcp:~$ unzip dark_es_0.zip Archive: dark_es_0.zip inflating: dark_es.reg schoelle@lcp:~$ file dark_es.reg dark_es.reg: MPEG ADTS, layer I, v1, 160 kBits, 48 kHz, Stereo


    • Jocelyn-Fiat (15 years ago 12/11/2008)

      .reg is for Windows only, it is a way to import value into registry keys. However, for any platform, you can do the following

      1. Open the preferences dialog
      2. download dark_es.xml from http://gist.github.com/24157
      3. click on import (bottom) using this dark_es.xml file

      It might take some time, but at the end, you'll get the preferences "patched" with the one from the dark_es.xml file.

      Hope this helps.

      • Tao Feng (15 years ago 13/11/2008)

        Thank you Jocelyn for the Unix version.

        • Jocelyn-Fiat (15 years ago 14/11/2008)

          This is for any platform

          Note the dark_es.xml is not only for unix, it is for EiffelStudio on any platform (even Windows). While dark_es.reg works only for Windows (but it is much more convenient). We should make a tool to quickly export/import preferences. It is possible with EiffelStudio's preferences dialog, but it is slow because for most of the preferences, there is a "change_action" which trigger update on the UI side. We could add a usage to "ec", something like "ec --load-preferences prefs.xml", so it would load the preferences before any UI is really built.

          So it was just to say, you should rename dark_es_unix.zip into dark_es_anyplatform.zip and add a little text to explain how to "import" this unzipped file.

          However, the goal of this article is mostly to show the possibility to have almost a dark color theme (or any color theme)

  • Ligot Olivier (15 years ago 19/2/2009)

    [Tools] White background

    The cluster tool, the feature tool and the favorites tool have a white background.Is it possible to have a black background instead?

    • Tao Feng (15 years ago 20/2/2009)

      Not for the moment. Text fonts and colors are not configurable in those tools now.