Farewell mute EiffelStudio

by Tao Feng (modified: 2009 Feb 19)

I was working with the testing tool, writing tests and so on. When I was tired at the end of a day and running a test that would not stop at a breakpoint within 2 mins. I closed my eyes to have a small rest, waiting the breakpoint hit. At that time, I was hoping so much that EiffelStudio could alert me by any means rather than printing something on the status bar. EiffelStudio is mute, I realized.

I don't know why there is no such IDE around equips audio hints. Because all programmers are deaf? Why we can make user friendly fancy GUI, like docking, to entertain developer, while didn't think a little about making anything soundable too? I believe programmers have much better hearing than vision. I think not having an audio means to interact with (at least inform) the user is general deficiency of modern IDEs.

I hope to see a soundable EiffelStudio with good AUI (Audio User Interface) in the future.

  • Grant Rettke (13 years ago 19/12/2010)

    Anything come of this?

    • Manu (13 years ago 21/12/2010)

      Not at the moment.