Running simple "Hello World" eiffel program on windows vista machine.

by Shraddha G (modified: 2011 Feb 27)


I am trying to run simple "Hello World" program on my windows vista machine, but get some errors: (the program compiles well)

Error: The system could not be launced in allotted time.

I am using windows vista OS and have visual studio 2010 professional installed on my machine. My friend is using windows 7 OS and the program works well on her machine. Do I need to set some environment variables on my machine? How to fix this?

Thanks, Shraddha

  • Jocelyn-Fiat (13 years ago 27/2/2011)

    You should use or, or even for such question.

    However, are you able to launch your application directly from the console (or the explorer)? Go to the EIFGENs, target name, and W_code to find the executable.