Eiffelroom migrated from drupal5 to drupal6

by Jocelyn-Fiat (modified: 2010 Jan 28)

Hi Eiffelroom users,

You might not have noticed, but eiffelroom.org (or .com) is now running on drupal6 (before it was drupal5). . We tried to do the best migration as possible, however if you notice any regression/bug, please let us know using the contact page.

There is tiny difference with previous version of eiffelroom.

So from now, please:

  • use [[path:blog/someone/a_post| the post title]] instead of using the absolute url [http://www.eiffelroom.com/blog/someone/a_post the post title]
  • to display image, either use the [[Image:My Image Title]] , or use its absolute url to display them such as http://eiffel.com/images/eiffel08/design-by-contract.gif which will be transform as the associated image.
    Please visit A picture says more than thousand words for more information, and even the Mediawiki syntax for image.
  • to link to eiffelstudio's pages on origo , you can do for instance[[eiffelstudio-origo:download/1540|Download 6.5 release]]
  • note this is possible to add other interwiki mappings, so if you are missing an important one, please suggest it.
  • If you feel like eiffelroom is missing an essential feature, please feel free to suggest it.

And now you can really use your http://support.eiffel.com/ account login/password to log into eiffelroom (before it was working as long as you didn't change your password on the support site).

Enjoy Eiffelroom