Eiffel Design Feast

by Jocelyn-Fiat (modified: 2011 Dec 01)

Coming up on December 3rd and 4th in Zurich, Switzerland, we will be hosting the second Eiffel Design Feast solely focused on the Web solution(s) for Eiffel. The first event back in June was a real success and we hope to achieve the same kind of results.

This time around we will be checking the results of the work since last time. It will mostly focus on the status of the Eiffel Web Framework (EWF) and Eiffel Web Server Gateway Interface (EWSGI). We will gather some of the community feedback on those projects, take some design decisions, provide some concrete demos and get our hands dirty by producing some code. We will also setup some work and goals for the next coming months to ensure that we will soon be getting the best web framework for Eiffel.

Join us for this great event by contacting me directly if you are interested.

Happy Eiffeling!