Farewell to Origo

by Manu (modified: 2012 Jun 04)

On May 31st 2012, the Origo website has ceased its existence. At Eiffel Software, we have migrated the subversion repositories that have a direct impact on us for the development of EiffelStudio. The new URL is https://svn.eiffel.com. Currently we are hosting a self-signed certificate whose fingerprint is a9:77:91:64:83:f5:b1:84:ab:2a:19:68:81:74:0b:05:c4:0a:4d:05 so make sure to accept our certificate after verifying the fingerprint.

The list of projects we have migrated is:

  • aranea
  • egigs
  • eiffel-dom
  • eiffelmedia
  • eiffelstudio
  • eiffelstudio-developers
  • elogger
  • ems
  • ezmq
  • goanna
  • lookup
  • mec
  • mersenetwisterrandom
  • objc-frameworks-to-eiffel-converter
  • origo
  • steam
  • svg-vision
  • thread_extension
  • vampeer

Not all projects have a known maintainer so if you want to contribute back to the Eiffel community, please let me know so that we can set you up for contribution.

Happy Eiffeling!