Farewell to BIT types

by Manu (modified: 2012 Jul 31)

Since the 7.0 release of EiffelStudio, BIT types are almost gone. To be precise they are not completely gone but your code will not compile out of the box if you are still using them. To make it compile, you need to define the ECF variable USE_BIT to bring the BIT types (See http://docs.eiffel.com/book/eiffelstudio/release-notes-eiffelstudio-70 for the release notes).

So far, we haven't heard of anyone missing them, therefore in the forthcoming release of 7.2 in the fall of 2012 we will fully remove BIT support from the Eiffel compiler.

Farewell, BIT

  • Peter Gummer (11 years ago 2/8/2012)

    We removed them

    One of our classes wouldn't compile when we upgraded from EiffelStudio 6.8. Our solution was to delete our reference to the BIT_REF type. We weren't using it anyway.