ePOSIX Library

by laurentm (modified: 2015 Aug 04)


e-POSIX gives Eiffel programmers access to the familiar Unix API. Either as raw calls, but also in the form of classes with full Design By Contract support. e-POSIX file and socket classes can be used as a plugin where Gobo's KI_INPUT_STREAM and KI_OUTPUT_STREAM are expected. So you can now directly parse input coming from a TCP socket.

The goal of e-POSIX is to provide a 100% complete Eiffel binding to Standard C, POSIX and the Single Unix Specification.

e-POSIX can also be used on Windows systems through its portability layer. This allows you to create native Windows programs that use file descriptors, sockets, pipes and can read and write the input and output of child programs. The Cygwin UNIX emulator is also supported, but not needed. When using Cygwin, e-POSIX just thinks that it is running on Unix.