How to run eweasel in Eiffel Studio Testing Tool GUI

by Larry Liu (modified: 2009 Apr 16)

1. Make sure you have installed Eiffel Studio 6.4 or greater.

2. Check out Eiffel SVN trunk repository and Eweasel SVN repository (

3. Use Eweasel converter tool to convert Eweasel test cases in Eweasel tests folder

The Eweasel converter tool located at: $EIFFEL_SRC/tools/eweasel_converter You need to compile the tool yourself before use it. After compile, use following command to convert test cases: eweasel_converter --source c:\your_eweasel_dir\tests --dest c:\where_files_will_be_generated In my case, the command is:

eweasel_converter.exe --source c:\eweasel\tests --dest c:\temp_del_it

4. Copy generated Eweasel test case Eiffel classes to a project where you want run the test cases.

Here is screenshot of generated test cases in my machine:

5. Make sure the project has referenced Testing and Eweasel library, otherwise the Testing tool will not recognize test cases.

6. Clik the "run" button to run Eweasel test case ;)

That's it.

Here is screenshot of Testing Tool with Eweasel test cases:

  • Colin LeMahieu (15 years ago 18/7/2009)

    The $EWEASEL variable needs to be set before the converter will compile.