EiffelStudio 17.01 is available

by Administrator (modified: 2017 Mar 03)

We are pleased to announce the availability of EiffelStudio 17.01.

It can be downloaded at

   https://www.eiffel.org/downloads .

The release notes are available at


The major highlights of this release are:

  • Added notion of capability for specifying what settings a particular library supports. The key advantage is that even if you compile in different settings and use libraries with different properties (for void safety, SCOOP concurrency etc.) you can now use a single ECF (Eiffel Control File) rather than maintaining different ECFs for different configurations. This mechanism fulfills a wish often expressed by Eiffel developers, particularly those in charge of large applications.
  • Added support for code templates. Code templates provide predefined but customizable program schemes for frequently encountered situations. Potentially applicable code templates come up automatically, as part of the completion mechanism; you can select any relevant one and then update the details that correspond to the specific situation (variable names etc.). The mechanism also includes an easy way to add your own code templates, to complement those included as part of the delivery (only a few at the moment). Code templates are a major new addition to EiffelStudio's extensive existing mechanism to support software reuse.
  • Import settings from previous installation -- popups on first launch, or later on demand via the Tools menu. This functionality also addresses a frequently expressed request.

Happy Eiffeling,-- The Eiffel Software Team