EiffelStudio 23.09 is available!

by Jocelyn-Fiat (modified: 2023 Oct 06)

We are pleased to announce the availability of EiffelStudio 23.09 (10.7325).

Try it right now! All the download sites have been updated.

The major advance of EiffelStudio 23.09 is full across-the-board platform support thanks to a brand new version of the .NET implementation, enabling the production of Eiffel applications running on any target from the Web to desktops to mobile platforms.

The Eiffel .NET compiler now supports .NET Core (net6.0, net7.0, ...) available both on Windows and on non-Windows platforms, particularly Linux.

This entirely revamped implementation brings to Eiffel users a whole new ecosystem to play with, enabling them to develop applications that will deploy and run unchanged on all major platforms in the industry.

Other highlights are:

  • Improved execution output panel (debugger) to show more information (modified environment variables, timestamp for launched/stopped/quit events).
  • Improvements on the editor and IDE (new comment/uncomment operation, extended the Zoom factor support to other EiffelStudio tools, additional color and font preferences to customize the IDE).
  • Various additions, improvements and bug fixes (IDE and libraries).

Please read the release notes for more details.

Happy Eiffeling,

-- The Eiffel Software Team