How to contribute to documentation

Current documentation system

  • The documentation is written using wikitext syntax (similar to wikipedia).
  • Each documentation page is stored in a wiki file on disk.
  • Those files come from the subversion repository: .
  • The outline of book are following the underlying directory structure, and each wiki file can have properties that hold metadata such as:

[[Property:title|The page title]] [[Property:link_title|short title]] [[Property:weight|5]]

    • link_title is used to have a short title in menu, or various links.
    • weight is used to order sibling pages (lower weight goes before, upper weight goes after).

To contribute

Step by step with git

Step by step with subversion

Live editing on this site

  • If you are a trusted editor, you can edit the documentation directly.
  • To be a trusted editor, please request it via the contact page (do not forget to mention who you are and why you think you should be a trusted editor).