Metric History Panel

The metric history panel lists all recorded metric evaluations. You can select them and reevaluate them to see the new value and if it differs from the old result.

Lets have a look at the buttons in the main toolbar highlighted in the following figure:

Metric history panel

Run history Recalculate history
Recalculate selected metric history items

Stop history Stop history recalculation
Stop running metric history recalculation.

Keep detailed result Keep detailed metric result
If this option is enabled, the detailed metric result will be kept and will be available after a metric history recalculation.

Check warning Check metric history warnings
If this option is enabled, specified metric history warnings will be checked.

Remove detailed result Remove detailed metric result
Remove detailed metric result, if any.

Remove history Remove metric history item
Remove selected metric history items.

Show tree Display tree view
If this option is enabled, the metric history items will be displayed in a tree view.

Hide old metrics Hide old metric history
Hide metric history items which are calculated before the specified number of days

select all history Select All
Select all recorded metric history items.

deselect all history Deselect All
Deselect all recorded metric history items.

select all calculatable Select all recalculatable history items
Select all recalculatable metric history items. A metric history item is recalculatable if its associated metric is valid and its specified input domain is valid.

deselect all calculatable Deselect all recalculatable history items
Deselect all recalculatable metric history items.

Recalculate Metric History

To recalculate a metric history, you need to selected those items that you want to recalculate. In the following figure, a metric history item Uncommented features is selected.

Select metric history

After recalculating the selected metric history items, the result will be highlighted, as shown in the following figure:

History recalculationg result

In the above figure, the row Uncommented features is highlighted indicating that this item has been recalculated. And from the row, we can see that the current value is 1 while the previous value is 0, meaning that there is one uncommented feature in cluster sample now while there was no uncommented feature in cluster sample when this metric was calculated the last time.

Metric History Warning Checking

Another thing you can do in metric history is to assign a warning tester to each item. When the metric history is recalculated with metric history warning checking enabled, the warning tester will be evaluated against the metric value to see if it's condition is satisfied.

Let's use an example to demonstrate the idea. Suppose we have set up a metric history warning shown in the following two figures:

warning tester

warning tester

This warning means, when the metric Uncommented features is calculated over the input domain {sample}, the value should be zero, otherwise a warning should be emitted.

After recalculating the metric history item, we get the following result:

warning tester

From the above result, we can see that the value of the metric Uncommented features over the input domain {sample} is 1 while our warning says it should be 0. So we get a warning message.

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