Main toolbar

At the top of the EiffelBuild development window, one toolbar is displayed by default, as shown below:

The complete list of the icons in the toolbar is displayed below.

Icon Command
Delete object / component .
Save current project.
New object editor
Undo last action.
Display full history .
Redo last undone action.
Generate code.
Display project settings .
Show/hide builder window .
Show/hide display window .
Show/hide component viewer .
Display Constants dialog.
Cut selected object to clipboard.
Copy selected object to clipboard.
Paste contents of clipboard.
View clipboard contents.

The screenshot at the top of this page shows all of the buttons enabled. As the state of the currently open project changes, the state of each of these buttons is updated to reflect this. For example, immediately after saving the project, the save button is disabled until the project is modified again.

Note: It is not possible to customize the toolbar.