Generating executables

There are several ways to compile an executable with EiffelStudio.

The most essential compilation modes are: melting, freezing, and finalizing. To learn more about the compilation semantics in EiffelStudio, see the documentation of Eiffel's compilation technology.

There is a command for each compilation mode in the Project menu, under the entries Compile, Freeze and Finalize.

The "drop-down" option of the Compile button () on the Project toolbar also offers these choices as shown in the image below.

If you need the compilation options even handier than this, you can customize the Project toolbar by adding icons for each of the options: , , . Here's how. Or you can use the keyboard shortcuts that are shown in the Compile button's drop-down menu.

To help resolve the errors that occur during the Eiffel compilation, use the compilation error wizard. For errors occurring during the C compilation, check that the installation is not corrupted and refer to your C compiler documentation for more information.

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