controls cluster


A Control is a window which provides a means of interacting with the application. For example, the WEL_EDIT control provides a user with the means of entering and modifying text. There are many common controls available within this cluster, each with a specific use.

Note: Each control inherits from WEL_CONTROL which is a descendent of WEL_WINDOW This provides the control with a large number of general features (including full window functionality). Each control also provides its own feature set which give access to specific properties of that control.

Creating controls

Each type of control generally has its own creation procedure that is specific to the type of control. For example, WEL_SCROLL_BAR has two creation procedures; make_vertical and make_horizontal. Depending on which of these two creation procedures used, you will get a scroll bar aligned vertically or horizontally.

Control types

The following effective controls are available within this cluster: