SGI Irix


Computer/Processor MIPS.
Operating System Irix 6.5 with either Gnome 2.6 or GTK+ 2.4.
C compiler MIPSPro C compiler V2.4 or later.
Memory 4GB of RAM
Hard Disk 1GB of free space
ISE_PLATFORM irix-mips for 32 bits, irix-mips-64 for 64 bits.

Checking your environment

EiffelStudio requires GTK+ 2.4.0 or above to function properly. You can check that you have this installed correctly by typing the following command: pkg-config --modversion gtk+-2.0 The command should succeed and the version number of GTK+ should appear. If it is not 2.4.0 or above then you cannot continue the installation of EiffelStudio. You first need to install GTK+ 2.4.0.

Installing EiffelStudio from the Web

After downloading the installation package, you should manually extract its contents to your hard drive. For example, you can extract it into /usr/local using the following commands (assuming that you have permission to /usr/local and that the installation package was saved in /tmp/EiffelXX.tar.bz2, where XX stands for the EiffelStudio version): cd /usr/local tar xvfj /tmp/EiffelXX.tar.bz2

This will install EiffelStudio files into /usr/local/EiffelXX. Once this is done, jump to the Setting up EiffelStudio section in order to complete the installation of EiffelStudio.

Installing EiffelStudio from a CD-ROM

Insert the CD into your CD-ROM drive. You should manually extract its contents to your hard drive. For example you can extract it in /usr/local using the following commands (assuming that you have permission to /usr/local and that the CD is mounted on /mnt/cdrom): cd /usr/local cp -r /mnt/cdrom/EiffelXX .

This will install the EiffelStudio files into /usr/local/EiffelXX. To complete the installation of EiffelStudio, jump to the next section, Setting up EiffelStudio.

Setting up EiffelStudio

Once the files have been installed, you should define the following environment variables in order to run EiffelStudio:

  • ISE_EIFFEL to /usr/local/EiffelXX
  • ISE_PLATFORM to irix-mips for the 32 bits version or irix-mips-64 for the 64 bits version. We will be using irix-mips in the examples below.

and add $ISE_EIFFEL/studio/spec/$ISE_PLATFORM/bin to your PATH environment variable.

Using sh or bash as a shell, it suffices to type the following commands:export ISE_EIFFEL=/usr/local/EiffelXX export ISE_PLATFORM=irix-mips export PATH=$PATH:$ISE_EIFFEL/studio/spec/$ISE_PLATFORM/bin

Using csh or tcsh as a shell, it suffices to type the following commands:setenv ISE_EIFFEL /usr/local/EiffelXX setenv ISE_PLATFORM irix-mips set path = ($path $ISE_EIFFEL/studio/spec/$ISE_PLATFORM/bin)

If you are using the Enterprise edition, please follow the instructions of the next section, Registering the Enterprise Edition, otherwise jump to the Using EiffelStudio section at the end of this document.

Registering the Enterprise Edition

This step assumes you have followed the instructions in the Setting up EiffelStudio section. Perform the following commands to start the registration process:cd $ISE_EIFFEL ./register

A dialog asking for your Username and CD Key should appear as it does below:

Setup dialog

Enter the information located inside the box that contains your copy of the EiffelStudio Enterprise Edition. Once the information is correct, the Register button will be enabled. Click Register to actually register EiffelStudio.

The first time you launch EiffelStudio, you will be asked for an activation key through the following dialog:

Registration dialog

By clicking on the URL, a new web browser will appear with the requested fields automatically filled in with the appropriate information. Simply click Activate and a new page with an activation code will appear. Copy and paste the activation code in the first field and the Activate button should be enabled to let you activate your copy.

You can activate your copy up to three times. Once you have reached this threshold and need to reinstall your copy, contact Eiffel Software to request one more activation.

If no web browser appears, it is most likely because firefox is not installed on your machine or is not in your path. Instead you should manually launch a new web browser, go to the page , and enter the information manually. Then follow the above instructions as if the browser had been properly launched.

You may receive the following dialog when launching EiffelStudio:

Registration incomplete

This probably means that the register program was not launched or did not succeed in storing data to the following file $ISE_EIFFEL/install/limand/.ec_license. To solve this, rerun the register program with a user account that has permissions to write at $ISE_EIFFEL/install/limand and enter your Username and CD Key.

Once this is done, you can jump to the next section, Using EiffelStudio.

Using EiffelStudio

Starting EiffelStudio

Now everything should be properly installed and you should be able to run the compiler. Launch estudio for the interactive graphical user interface of the compiler, or launch ec for the command line interface. If you are a new user to EiffelStudio, we recommend that you follow the EiffelStudio guided tour.

EiffelStudio Appearance

EiffelStudio for Unix uses the GTK+ theme engine to allow for custom appearance such as changing the default font size and color of windows, etc. If you do not have a theme manager (such as that provided with Gnome) you can copy the .gtkrc-2.0 file from $ISE_EIFFEL/eifinit/studio/spec/gtk directory to your $HOME directory.