Debugging tips with the objects grid view

General behavior

  • Double clicking on the grid's header separator will resize the corresponding column. If you hold the SHIFT key at the same time, it will resize according to the displayed cells.
  • Right clicking on the header's cell will popup a menu that enable or disable the auto resizing on the selected column. This can be useful to resize automatically the "name" column when inspecting an object value.
  • Pressing CTRL+E when the selected line represents a value with potential text representation (STRING, DEBUG_OUPUT ...) will open the expanded view dialog.

Evaluation tool (also known as Watch tool)

  • Dropping an object value on a Evaluation tool will open the expression definition dialog with the object's address filled. This way you can evaluate expression directly on this object. If you hold the CTRL key while dropping, the dropped object will be added as expression in the Evaluation tool as itself.
  • You can also drop the object on the notebook tab of the desired Evaluation tool.