Generating libraries

There are two main types of libraries in Eiffel: precompiled Eiffel libraries and C libraries. Both kinds of libraries can be created via EiffelStudio. The former can only be used in Eiffel projects, C libraries can be used either in Eiffel programs, or in standard C programs.

To generate an Eiffel precompiled library:

  • Select the Precompilation Wizard in the Tools menu and follow the instructions,


  • Launch a new EiffelStudio session,
  • Select your project
  • Change the action to Precompile,
  • Click Open

To generate a dynamically linked C library using Eiffel code:

  • Generate a definition file for this library, via the Dynamic library Builder ,
  • Open the Project Settings dialog,
  • In the Advanced section, set the Shared Library Definition,
  • Enter the name of the definition you created in the first step(including the path if necessary),
  • Compile the current project.

The generated C library should be located in the EIFGENs|target_name|W_code directory in the directory of your project.

To generate a C library from a C compiler, please refer to the documentation of your C compiler.

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