Release notes for EiffelStudio 20.05

Graphical environment

  • Supported search for Unicode strings in the editor.
  • Extended code completion with Unicode symbols.
  • Added a command line option -reset_ide_layout to reset IDE layout.
  • The standard edition requires an account to sign in (see


  • Supported multi-branch expressions that are similar to multi-branch instructions, but Then_parts and Else_part contain expressions instead of instruction sequences.
  • Changed evaluation of untyped manifest strings to treat them as being of type STRING_32 if they contain characters with code points above 255.


  • Supported direct Unicode output to text files and console with {PLAIN_TEXT_FILE}.put_string_32.
  • Updated web related libraries to be closer to recommendations and specifications (wikitext, feed with atom and rss, xml, and CMS xhtml page generation).
  • Generated many wrappers of C libraries with wrap_c tool: yaml, sdl, libusb, quirc, libqrencode, libgit2, gsl, tidy, etc.
  • Added Unicode aliases for existing features in classes BOOLEAN, COMPARABLE, NUMERIC and their descendants.
  • Changed behavior of {CHARACTER_8}.to_lower and {CHARACTER_8}.to_upper by interpreting STRING_8 as encoded according to ISO 8859-1.
  • Marked {READABLE_STRING_GENERAL}.plus as obsolete to avoid potential data loss. Added sized variants of the feature in sized variants of string classes.
  • Added several implicit conversions from non-32-bit strings to STRING_32 and its variants.

See change log for more details.