Main address bar

The main address bar is located in the top part of windows, between the two main toolbars (when they are displayed).

It has several components:

  • History back and forth arrows and
    • These functions are also accessible from the menu path View -> Go to
  • Current class and feature name fields
    • These fields display the names of the class and/or feature currently active in the editor pane.
    • It is possible to type a class or feature name to center the editor on it.
    • Typing a class name that does not exist in the set of known classes pops up a dialog to create a class of that name.
    • The "wildcard" characters * and ? may be used in these fields.
  • View icons , , , and
    • Click to change the view currently displayed in the editor.
    • Drop a pebble to retarget the editor to a class or feature using the selected view.
  • Viewpoints selector
    • The Viewpoints selector can only be active if you have used renaming and/or prefixing in your project settings to specify alternate class names for some classes used by your project. Otherwise it is inactive. In a project with renaming and/or prefixing, the Viewpoints selector becomes active when both of the following are true:
      • The editor window is focused on a class that has been renamed or prefixed in project settings.
      • The class is being viewed in a formatted view, i.e., a view other than the Basic text view.
    • The Viewpoints selector allows you to select how you would like to view renamed or prefixed classes:
      • As they really exist, i.e., as if you are their producer, or
      • Using the alternative names that you have specified in your project settings.