Class menu

The Class command (c or C) in the main menu will only work if the system has been successfully compiled, and will give you information based on the result of the last successful compilation. It produces the following menu: (A) Ancestors : show the ancestors of a class. (B) Attributes : show the attributes of a class. (C) Clients : show the clients of a class. (E) Deferred : show the deferred features of a class. (D) Descendants : show the descendants of a class. (V) Edit : edit the text of a class. (P) Exported : show the exported features of a class. (X) Externals : show the external features of a class. (F) Flat : show the flat form of a class. (I) Flatshort : show the flat-short form of a class. (O) Once : show the once & constant features of a class. (R) Routines : show the routines of a class. (S) Short : show the short form of a class. (U) Suppliers : show the suppliers of a class. (T) Text : show the text of a class. (H) Help : show list of commands. (M) Main : go back to main menu. (Q) Quit : terminate session. (Y) Yank : yank (save) output of last command to a file.

Each command will prompt you for the name of a class and a filter to use; you can also include the class name and the filter name after the command, separated by a space, as in: Command => a linked_list ascii to obtain the ancestors of the LINKED_LIST class: -- Automatic generation produced by ISE Eiffel -- LINKED_LIST [G] DYNAMIC_LIST [G] LIST [G] CHAIN [G] CURSOR_STRUCTURE [G] ACTIVE [G] BAG [G] COLLECTION [G] CONTAINER [G] ANY INDEXABLE [G, H -> INTEGER] TABLE [G, H] BAG [G]... SEQUENCE [G] ACTIVE [G]... BILINEAR [G] LINEAR [G] TRAVERSABLE [G] CONTAINER [G]... LINEAR [G]... FINITE [G] BOX [G] CONTAINER [G]... SEQUENCE [G]... DYNAMIC_CHAIN [G] CHAIN [G]... UNBOUNDED [G] FINITE [G]... DYNAMIC_CHAIN [G]... -- Generated by ISE Eiffel -- -- For more details: -- Command =>