Release notes for EiffelStudio 24.05


Major Improvements

  • Enhanced .NETCore Compilation Support: This version significantly enhances compilation support for .NETCore (versions net6.0, net7.0, and net8.0)
    • Partial Support for .NET Generic Methods: Improved handling and compatibility with .NET generic methods.
    • PDB File Generation: Enables debugging from external tools with generated Program Database (PDB) files.
    • Eiffel .NETCore Debugging: Integrated debugging facilities for Eiffel .NETCore directly within EiffelStudio (currently available only on Windows).

Known Limitations

  • Some .Net limitations exist in the current release that will be addressed in future updates. For detailed information, please refer to the Eiffel for .NET documentation.

Graphical environment

New Features

  • Composer Command Enhancements: Eiffel 24.05 introduces new composer commands to streamline common editing operations:
    • Create Setter for an Attribute: Easily generate setter methods for attributes.
    • Add New Creation Procedures: Simplified process to add new creation procedures.
    • Remove Selected Feature: Quickly remove selected features from your project.
    • Note: the shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+E, Ctrl+S means, press Ctrl+Shift+E then Ctrl+S (i.e 2 step shortcut)
  • [Ctrl]+[Up] and [Ctrl]+[Down] to scroll up or down the editor by one line.
    • Additional commands will be available in future releases.
  • Web Browser "Sign-in" Challenge: Introduces a new authentication method using the "Sign-in" challenge via a web browser.


  • Ensured EiffelBase, WEL, Vision2 libraries are supported by Eiffel .NETCore compilation.
  • Various bug fixes, and minor improvements.


  • SCOOP is currently not supported by Eiffel .NET
  • For Macos users on M1/M2 (arm) architecture, please read the specific notes about macosx

See change log for more details.